The CreationStudios Story


Alan Fraser's primary goal was to become a freelance designer and animator.  

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Alan Fraser has had a dream to tell stories through animation, design and video since childhood, first picking up his father's 8mm camera to make a Star Wars fan film with his neighborhood friends.  In 1990, through a suggestion from a college advisor, he began this journey to his dream, by landing an entry level job at the largest ad agency in his home town of Panama City, Florida. At The Davis Company, he learned the trade of visual design using the new tools of the day: Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, as well as other graphic design concepts using both traditional and computer aided design. Their clients included the Panama City Tourist Development Council, Wendy’s, Spinnaker and Captain Andersons. 

In 1994, Alan took his skills to Jacksonville, where he studied on the job under some of the best film and video producers and editors in the south east. At Digital Video Arts, he worked closely with clients who were experts in their fields, learning the art of video editing and 2D and 3D animation. Clients included, The Jacksonville Jaguars, the ATP, Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital, Kohl Films, HGTV, Jerry Smith Film and Television and every major ad agency in Jacksonville, creating everything from retail spots, to image spots, promotional videos and documentaries.

In 2002, he started CreationStudios, and began to attract customers based on his "all-in-one" approach to post production.  With his experience in design, video editing, music and animation, he was able to create projects with a singular vision in mind from start to finish.  His clients loved being able to handle the entire video in one place and with one person, who understood that it all starts with design and story.  

CreationStudios continues to deliver results-oriented videos, while changing with the times, to keep the best tools available for the highest possible quality in my clients' finished production.  Whether you need 2D or 3D animation, compositing, special effects, or if you don't know where to start to achieve what you need, CreationStudios will guide you through the process making sure you get value for the money you spend on promotional videos.


What CreationStudios Offers

  • Shooting, with full audio and lighting capability
  • Video editing, but not just editing.  Editing for highest impact which means creating a story to which people will respond.
  • 2D and 3D animation, modeling and design.
  • Compositing.
  • Sound Design